Final Fantasy XII launch celebration with #MoogleWatch


No bunny business

To celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age next week Square Enix has started a 24/7 live stream. But what is this live stream, I hear you ask? Why it’s a daily dose of bunnies of course.

For the next seven days, you can watch the live bunny action in the perfectly titled – #MoogleWatch. The Moogle’s are a race in the Final Fantasy universe and within Final Fantasy XII they closely resemble rabbits. It’s a perfect union! But, if the aspect of watching bunnies for 24/7 wasn’t enticing enough you can also interact with the stream by choosing their tasty treats or even name them.

You can check out the #MoogleWatch stream here! And keep an eye on the Final Fantasy Twitter account over the next seven days to keep up to date on the latest rabbit happenings.

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