Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC On Sale This Week


Square Enix have announced that a week’s long sale is now available of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 via both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

There is up to 50% off a wide selection of DLC which means there’s even more of a reason to join Lightning, Serah, Snow, and companions in the absorbing world of Final Fantasy XIII-2. This offer is valid for one week only from Yesterday, September 25th on Xbox 360 and Today, September 26th on PlayStation 3.

Whether it be gaming costumes such as the N7 Armour from Mass Effect, arduous adversaries for the coliseum such as the terrible two Ultros & Typhon, or some story to soak your time into like Lightning’s Episode, there’s something for everyone.  The top choices in the sale courtesy of Square Enix are as follows:

Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess – Now only 200 MS Points (XBL) or £1.39 / € 1.75 / $2.49 (PSN)

A must have for anyone looking to see more of Lightning’s story but can’t wait until next year. But be warned, this is for the dedicated fans amongst you who have completed the main story. Complete Lightning’s exciting story under certain conditions to unlock the fierce warrior cloaked in divine armour as a party member!

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield – Now only 160 MS Points (XBL)  or £1.19 / €1.49 / $1.99 (PSN)

Snow is back and ready to rumble. Win battles and get your hands on the crystal to unlock Snow as a party member!

Sazh: Heads or Tails? – Now only 200 MS Points (XBL) or £1.39/ € 1.75 / $2.49 (PSN)

Unlock new casino content and a new episode featuring Sazh in Serendipity. Complete the episode to gain Sazh as a battle ally.

Will you be getting any of the DLC in the Sale? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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