Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Mass Effect 3 Themed DLC


Last week we brought you the rather strange news that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be getting Mass Effect 3 themed DLC, and today Square Enix has released a trailer as well as some screenshots showcasing the content in action.

The DLC will allow you to spice up the look of Noel and Serah with Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 armour. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to battle Final Fantasy XIII-2’s epic monsters whilst you’re dressed up like the hero from BioWare’s epic action-RPG series.

If you’re excited by this news and can’t wait to get Final Fantasy XIII-2’s protagonists dressed up in Mass Effect 3 themed outfits, you’ll be happy to know the content is available to download now via Xbox LIVE (240 Microsoft Points) and the PlayStation Network (€1.99 / £1.79).

Before you go download the DLC, take a quick look at the trailer and screenshots below.


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