Final Fantasy XIV: Beta Sign Up Now Live


We gave you a glimse of Final Fantasy XIV earlier, with a gameplay video, which you can check out here.

Square Enix unleashed a plethora of info on the latest update for Final Fantasy XIV, which include the announcement of the Beta Sign up. As of now the only players in the new MMO are those who were selected for the closed Alpha Phase, which is usually a very controlled group of people, and not the general public. However, the Beta is not fare behind, and the update for Final Fantasy XIV ‘s Alpha Users expands the classes for the disciple, and for the first time showcase’s some of the new weapons added to the game. Because we know you hungering for more Final Fantasy, here’s the site were you can sign up for the beta, which should be launching soon, and the official news letter from SquareEnix.

Also visit the official Final Fantasy XIV site to read more on whats to come.

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