Final Fantasy XIV: Gameplay Video – "Life In Eorzea"


Square Enix has just released the first gameplay video of Final Fantasy XIV in action.

On the official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube Channel a new video has surfaced. It’s actually the first in a series of videos that will eventually hit the web.

So what’s revealed? Not too much in terms of actual combat. This video instead shows us more of the everyday life in Eorzea. Aside from the fantastic music scored by Nobuo Uematsu, there is commentary from Square Enix (in Japanese). We also get to see different indoor and outdoor settings.

The character animations look really good. The Lalafells, the midget characters that look like the Tarutarus from FFXI, are ridiculously cute. This is especially true once they start dancing/panicking.

You might be disappointed that more isn’t shown, but this video is just the beginning. We have been introduced to a few merchants and we get to see chefs and various other workers doing their jobs. For a video that showcases the “Life in Eorzea” it does a pretty good job. It will be interesting to see what Square Enix shows us next.

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