Firmware 3.21 Now Live


The day has come that some hoped for and many feared. The latest PS3 firmware is now available to download and, unlike previous firmware updates of recent memory, this is mandatory. This update has only one key headline to it and it’s the destruction of using Linux and other Operating systems on your PS3. This decision was made to stop piracy on the PS3.

Many are upset with this firmware update because it forcefully removes users independence of the choice to select their own operating system. Some believed this whole update to be an elaborate hoax by Sony and an April Fools joke, but that was quickly dismissed by Sony and they reaffirmed that this is a real update. Gamers have taken things a little further stating that Sony will remove backwards compatibility from 60GB models, though that’s taking things to a radical extreme.

The firmware is live and you’ll be opted to download the firmware upon the system starting up. Does this update to remove a PS3 feature upset you?

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