First Details About Halo 4, 5 & 6: The "Reclaimer Trilogy"


Details on the second Halo trilogy, carrying on from where the first left off have been released from Halo Fest, a Halo fan event at PAX Prime. Panelists at Halo Fest from 343 Industries, the studio who have taken over from Bungie on the Halo franchise revealed some new details, and confirmed some likely ones:

  • The game will centre more heavily around the Forerunner which featured in the first trilogy
  • Core game will still feel like Halo, but will aim to be fresh and different
  • Promises to provide plenty of choice in how players choose to tackle objectives
  • Will explore Master Chief’s character more deeply, and his relationship to Cortana
  • 343 Industries’ objective with multiplayer is to provide for a wide range of players
  • Forge will be return and is a big part of the plan for Halo 4

Below is a ‘concept art video’ of Halo 4, enjoy!


early peek video: []

source: [eurogamer]

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