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First FIFA12 Details Emerge…


In French.

Thankfully, Luc from FIFA-Fuma.com has posted all the juicy details, including new menu layouts, “Impact zone” and improved AI. Sounds like an excellent start, but i’m sure we’ll hear a lot more in the coming weeks.

Below is Lucs post in full, please bear in mind it’s been translated from French to English.

Without further ado, and thanking all journalists working on the Official Playstation Magazine, here are the first details of FIFA 12:

  • New camera will be noticeably closer to the ground,
  • New menu interface that appear to be simpler and more ergonomic soft,
  • Evolution and calculating actions in real time,
  • Integration of Impact Zone, which should limit the number of contacts present in very crappy FIFA 11,
  • New Vision IA game more developed that should influence the players’ passes,
  • Re-balancing between attack and defense, as well as the players and the players more powerful techniques,
  • New presentation of games that looks very inspired matches English
  • Possibility of injury, type and other strains (ie without contact with the enemy) if abused too much of a player, especially late in the game,
  • Location of injury if a player takes a nudge, it will touch the face. The AI ??will also keep track of the shot during the remainder of the match …
  • Three new arenas,
  • Coming soon …

Impact Zone: It is defined as the integration of new contact areas on the players. Hips, knees, etc. …

AI Vision Game: I understand it as an AI more human. Each player will have a more or less according to his abilities. The example given in the magazine, you have a player who sees Fabregas stand out before him and behind him. There will be more easier to find the path visible in his eyes. He will be careful now in the eyes of the player and thus its position rather than the human eye which directs.

So a big thank you to the Official Playstation magazine for all that information! Feel free to get the precious, there are some screenshots that are worth!

So there you have it. It would seem that a lot of the areas people have complaints with are getting attention. Let’s not forget that these are the first details to be released, there is a lot more to come yet.

FSB would like to say a huge thank you to Luc and FIFA-Fuma for letting us quote his post.

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