First In-Game Screenshots Released Of The Last Of Us


The first in-game images from Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival action-adventure, The Last of Us have been unveiled.

U.S gaming magazine, Gameinformer has released 3 in-game screenshots to the world and have said that this is just a snippet of the 20 images that will be in the March issue of the gaming magazine. The guys from the magazine have also revealed some new info about the game;

  • Combat includes both gunplay and melee attacks. Weapons will break after repeated use, so you’ll have to scavenge around for new items frequently.
  • Most post-apocalyptic worlds are bleak and gray. Naughty Dog utilizes natural growth to spice up the color palette and add a sense of the abnormal. Notice the yellow bridge in the background? Yep, this is Pittsburgh.
  • The developers stress that The Last of Us is not one long escort mission. Although you won’t control Ellie in the game, her AI is one of the team’s primary areas of focus. In our demo she always managed to keep up, yet stay out of the way. She didn’t seem to need any babysitting at all.

Check out the screenshots below.

Source: Gameinformer.

The Last of Us is released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 but at present, no official release date has been announced.

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