First Livestream Details of Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC


Bungie held a livestream yesterday, revealing a whole bunch of details for Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris.

The developers spoke mainly about the new story, revealing some concept art and some brief gameplay of the new areas we’ll be able to step into on December 5th when the DLC launches. The focal point of the expansion will based around the planet Mercury which has been taken over by the Vex and here we’ll get to finally meet Osiris, the infamous Warlock.

The Infinite Forest is described as “a reality engine the Vex use to simulate all the aspects of reality they can touch”, with the purpose of helping them also find something specific they’re looking for. Here we’re told that there’ll be multiple ways to play this new game facet due to the area changing every time you go through it, representing past, present and future versions of Mercury. This will mean a finite number of variations of set pieces and enemies to fight each time.

The Lighthouse also returns, but this time we can all visit without getting a sweat on. The area will act as the hub for Mercury where we can collect missions and speak to Brother Vance, who’ll also be making his return to be our Faction Reward NPC. The developers went on to say how we’ll be able to unlock new quests once the campaign is complete, and interestingly, it’ll allow players to forge new Vex-modified weapons once completed.

In the lead up we were given information that the DLC would include ‘Raid Content’. Well, know we have a better idea what that means. Fans of the Leviathan Raid will be pleased with the new ‘Raid Lairs’. The first of these lairs will send us back to the Leviathan ship, but with new areas, puzzles, encounters and a new boss to fight. Power Level requirement was said to be set at 300 and new gear will be available to those who enter and succeed. The premise is an interesting one, essentially using an old area to create content means that creation time must be smaller and allowing Bungie to create more content which can only be a good thing.

For more details you can watch the re-run of the stream via their Twitch channel here. Let us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll bring you more information next week after the second Curse of Osiris DLC reveal stream.


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