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First PES2012 Rumours Surface!


Yep, you have read that right!

With PES2011 hitting stores worldwide PSM3 have already started talking PES2012, with Decembers issue (in stores now!) containing a wee heads up as to what will potentially feature in next years game.

Hidden at the very end of the magazines The Insider section the following is written :

Finally, PES2012 plans are afoot , with whispers of a more seamless, less cut-scene heavy, experience, plus new uses for the effectively redundant d-pad. Run prompts? Yes, please.

Is this a nod to continuous play and yet more tactical/control options in the pipeline? Time will tell.

Personally, run prompts would not be would top of my list regards use of the d-pad but it is heartening to hear that the team might well be envisioning a better use it in future editions. It also could suggest further enhancements to dribbling control as a whole.

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