First Shots for Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package DLC.


Hey guys Just a quick update I was  just browsing twitter literally 2 minutes ago and came across this tweet from fourzerotwo:

First screenshots for the Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package DLC. Look at that glorious clown mouth of death!

So within his tweet he included a link where it shows some new pictures of what seem to be new maps for MW2 I myself didnt see this coming as Infinity Ward have only just announced the Stimulus Package, anyway i know your eager to see the screens so I best shut up, here they are:

Unknown Level
Again Unknown
What Looks To Be CoD 4 Favourite Strike
Once again Unknown Name
Another CoD 4 Favourite Vacant

So all is looking great in MW2 world, I cant help but think including 3 new maps and 2 “old” maps will be a re-occuring thing in MW2 DLC , and once again, it looks as if the dlc will be priced £11.99 again, but thats upto you whether you pay for them anyway I best go, your all probably sick of me waffling on and want to study the Screenshots all I can say is Enjoy and stay tuned as soon as we hear of more news we will be straight onto it.

Thanks To Fourtwozero and for the information.

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