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FIWC: Edinburgh Results


Today the FIWC pre-qualifier events roll in to a rather snowy Edinburgh. The big day kicks of at 10:30am with the group stages and then its on to the ultra competitive elimination rounds in the afternoon. You can follow the event LIVE by visiting the link below.

FIWC UK: Edinburgh Pre-qualifier Coverage

Good to luck to all those involved.


LewisOrr wins the final 4-3 after a hard-fought battle against iiIRAx with Chelsea against Real Madrid. Lewis took an early lead before iiIRAx had Kaka redcarded but managed to get himself back into the game. In the dying minutes he scored a stunning freekick with Ronaldo to bring it back to 4-3 but couldn’t grab the needed equaliser.

Congrats to both players who qualify for the UK Live event in April and thanks to everyone that participated today.

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