Food Shopping With Kinect


Fancy using Kinect to help you with your shopping? Well, it might happen sooner rather than later, as US food chain Whole Foods has been testing out a prototype fitted with a Kinect device which is being dubbed, ‘the shopping cart of the future.’

Most people just think as the Xbox 360’s Kinect motion control system being used for gaming and nothing more, but developer of the technology Chaotic Moon has developed a prototype so that the device can be used on a shopping trolley attached with a monitor.

The device identifies that the shopper has a loyalty card, confirms which item has been placed inside the trolley and even follows the shopper around the store.

The developer of the technology has said that the prototype is literally a few weeks old and as seen in the video below, there are a few technical issues that need to be addressed with the system but with the right amount of time spent developing the technology, this could turn out to be a winner. Check out the amazing video below.


Source: GeekWire

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