Football Manager 2014 'Match Day Options' Video


It’s Friday which means two great things…. The Weekend and a new video for Football Manager 2014.

The new video showcases the changes made in the Match Day options. Miles and the SI team have also been tweeting throughout the week with a number of new features for this year which include:


  • Train players to develop as leaders #FM14info
  • See how many shots your team has had on a first and second half basis #FM14info
  • PIK loans added #FM14info
  • Player suitability delivered in one report in Backroom Advice #FM14info (see a screenshot here)
  • Marker point in financial projection graph to indicate where the club are in relation to finances that season #FM14info
  • MLS Transfer revamp #FM14info


  • Press conference question if stadium improvements or new stadium request is granted/rejected by chairman #FM14info
  • First level “Add to Shortlist” menu option on Player Screen removed #FM14info
  • Improved manager and staff screen in FMC #FM14info
  • Relevant press conference questions when joining struggling side mid-season #FM14info
  • Privately congratulate player on winning their first cap or scoring first international goal #FM14info (see a screenshot here)
  • Increased attendances for friendlies at new stadiums #FM14info


  • MLS first round draft picks ask for either a Senior or SEL contracts #FM14info (see a screenshot here)
  • More realistic fan reaction to losses against superior opposition #FM14info
  • One news story generated if multiple players withdraw from international squad #FM14info
  • Press conference question on chairman’s ambitions for the club if any requests are rejected #FM14info
  • Full access to shortlists regardless of which team managed or if unemployed #FM14info
  • Streamlined Continental Qualification seeding news stories #FM14info


  • Request fixture rearrange or postponement if multiple players are called up for international duty #FM14info
  • Preview news item on next round of league fixtures #FM14info
  • Ability in training calendar to split days into rest and match preparation #FM14info (see a screenshot here)
  • Your team is already picked for you when taking over a club in FMC #FM14info
  • Training camp shown on training calendar #FM14info
  • Press conference question on new chairman after a takeover #FM14info


  • Presidential elections for clubs who have an election based system to elect a “chairman”. #FM14info

Enjoy the new video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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