Football Manager 2014 'Match Engine' Video


Its not Friday like usual but hey, another Football Manager 2014 video can’t be bad, can it?.

This new video takes a look at pre-beta match engine footage that will highlight some of the improvements made to it since last year’s iteration. There has also been the usual tweets from Miles throughout the week revealing new features which include the following:


  • Affiliate clubs screen revamp
  • Add a new manager’s city/town of birth
  • Honours panel added to Club/Nation information screen in FMC
  • Filter player search results by overall recommendation
  • “Try Different Nation/Region” button added to Scout Assignment Update News
  • The Liechtenstein Cup added to the game in the Swiss football calendar


  • Can complain to international manager about a player’s treatment whilst on national team duty
  • Updated rules for over age players in English and Scottish U21 leagues
  • Additions to recent form player conversations
  • Update to Spanish and Serbian emergency loan signings rule
  • Game speed information added to League selection screen in FMC
  • Ability to give control of training to Assistant Manager in FMC
  • Non-contract contract offers now more intelligently implemented


  • Press conference question if training facility improvements request is granted/rejected by chairman
  • Further player contract details available in Contracts sub-panel on player’s profile screen
  • Updated salary caps for MLS and A-League
  • Interaction ‘hooks’
  • Club finance history screen updated in FMC
  • Tactical preparation progress bars
  • Ability to specify a position to play a player in when sending to an affiliate club


  • Improved match reporting on aggregate-related victories 
  • Pop up explaining why a player is unable to be loaned to an affiliate club
  • Trade up or down in MLS draft, as it’s happening
  • Privately congratulate player on winning a personal award
  • Automatic scouting assignments in FMC
  • FFP – or what we think FFP will turn out to be
  • World & search menus merged on career mode
  • New ‘Close Cam’ camera angle

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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