Footballer’s Infamous Kung-Fu Kick Now Immortalised in Lords of Football


A philosophy-quoting French striker launching a kung-fu kick at a spectator, or a troubled Nietzsche-tweeting midfielder trying to take out every single member of the opposing team, football brings out the best and the worst in player. This is exactly what players will be facing in Geniaware’s upcoming Football lifestyle sim, Lords of Football.

The first of its kind, the game doesn’t allow you to just manager a football team but players will control their team’s out-of-work activities. This includes taking players to clubs, casinos and some of the more adult orientated night time pursuits. Each of these activities has a direct effect on players, and their ability to train and perform when Saturday comes.

Sean Griffiths, Development Director, Geniaware stated:

“Pushing the limits of acceptable behaviour from players is a feature we’re really proud of in Lords of Football, If you don’t keep on top of a player’s night time endeavours, they have the potential to go off the rails. It’s your job to manage the team, but also to manage their egos. Nothing comes as close to simulating the highs of on-the pitch action and the headaches of off-the-pitch indiscretions as Lords of Football.”

A new teaser trailer has also been released. Enjoy the trailer below and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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