Formula One 2010: EXTENDED Third Installment Of The Developer Diaries Released


This post was made a while back, but now there is an extended version of the third dev diary; you can watch this below.

Some news on Forumla one 2010, the third installment of the developer diaries will be released tomorrow, here is what Helios, community manager of codemasters .

Hi all,

The 3rd dev video focusing on F1 2010’s dynamic weather system and active track technology will be going live on IGN UK tomorrow morning (Thurs 13th May). I’m afraid I don’t know the exact time it will be going up as this is down to IGN.

As with the 2nd dev video we will also be releasing an extended community edition, and this will be following at a later date. More details on that to come.

I for one cannot wait for that, this news was shown to me by Danny275 from WENB, great work from the budding F1 enthusiast and friend of the blog.

When the video hits, we’ll have it here for you guys!

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