Fortnite 5.20 update brings with it a new weapon and game mode


Hitting you with both barrels

Fortnite’s 5.20 update released today bringing with it a brand-new shotgun and limited time game mode where the storm is ever-decreasing in size.

The new Double Barrel Shotgun packs an incredible punch at close range with a possible 150 damage per shot for the epic version. Don’t expect to be doing any damage at range, though, as the fall-off is heavy.

The Limited Time Game Mode – Steady Storm – lasts roughly 15 minutes, during which the storm is constantly decreasing in size. This should hopefully limit the number of campers in-game as being caught in the storm will knock your health off at 10 per second. There’s also a lack of safe zone circle displayed in-game so you’ll need to keep an eye on the map to ensure that you don’t get taken by the storm.

You can view the full Fortnite 5.20 patch notes here

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