Fortnite is finally getting skill-based matchmaking this week


and bot bashing next season

Skill-based matchmaking will be coming to Fortnite in this week’s patch. This is the first time since the game has launched that a change to the game’s matchmaking has been made and it’s promised to help less seasoned players earn the coveted Victory Royale.

This is commonplace in online games, particularly shooters, and it’s great to see this finally being added to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode (yes, there are multiple modes for Fortnite!!). The idea behind it is that you’ll be put into matches with gamers that closely match your skill level and as you get better, so too will your opponents. Boiled down, it should, hopefully, level out the playing field a little and make it easier for newcomers to the game to find their feet. Assuming there are still people out there who have yet to play the game.

This new matchmaking system will be stepped up a notch next season when Fortnite introduces bots to the game. Bots will appear more frequently in games for those with lesser skill and their numbers will dwindle as you climb into the upper echelons of Fortnite’s ranking system. Bots will not appear in competitive playlists.

It’s certainly a welcomed change to Fornite’s infrastructure and it’ll be interesting to see just how many bots reside in matches next season.

You can find out more about Fortnite’s matchmaking over on the Epic Games blog

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