FortniteXMayhem sees Pandora merging with Fortnite Island


Yo, we heard you like Borderlands so we put Borderlands in Fortnite so you can land borders whilst night forting (or something)

Borderlands, or more specifically – Pandora, has made its way to Fortnite for a limited time and it looks bloody alright!

The limited-time event will allow you to unlock some pretty cool Borderlands cosmetics including new sprays, a weapon skin and Vault icon.

If you’ve got some V-Bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you can also purchase the Psycho bundle which includes the famed Borderlands Psyscho skin, dual-wielding axes and a bloody Claptrap pet!! I’m guessing it’s the latter that will sway folks to spend their hard-earned V-Bucks.

Pandora can be accessed via an in-game rift and it’s said to sport a host of cheeky Easter Eggs so keep your eyes peeled. You’ll also gain an added shield bonus the longer you reside in Pandora so make sure you’re well-equipped before holing up in the Borderlands universe.

You can find out more about the FortniteXMayhem event over on the Fortnite blog

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