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Forum Registration Issues


We’re aware that people are having trouble signing up to the forums as they aren’t receiving their activation emails. It’s an upshot from the server move and isn’t just us, it’s the whole network.

We’ll be moving again in due course to fix the issue but in the meantime, we can approve accounts manually. Drop an email to either tom.mills@kitanamedia.com or david.bryant@kitanamedia.com with the following details:

  • Username you’re trying to register
  • Email address used for registration

So, if you haven’t already, fill out the Registration Form and once you’re all signed up, head over to the FIFA section and join the discussions over there.

There’s some added spam protection on the forums which means that new accounts need to have their first few posts approved, so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear straight away

*Update* As soon as we post this, we find out the below from Luc:
FYI – this is something beyond just spam protection at the minute – one of our accounts with Google Apps was disabled (without telling me – helpful!) which means no forum email at the minute. As soon as Google get back to me (~48 hours) and tell me what to fix, it should get going again…”

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