Four more head for Infinity Ward's exit door


This story about the friction between publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward just doesn’t seem to want to go away. First there were the troubles between now ex-Infinity Ward head developers, Vince Zampella and Jason West and by the time April hit, 26 employees including lead designers and programmers who worked on Modern Warfare 2, abruptly left Infinity Ward.

Now it seems that even more are heading for the exit door at Infinity Ward with four other employees leaving the very successful developer and joining ex-Infinity Ward developers, Zampella and West at newly formed Respawn Entertainment which has snapped up a publishing deal with Electronic Arts for its future titles. This time round it was four key designers at Infinity Ward that have jumped ship and moved to Respawn. Senior and lead designers, Zied Rieke and Chad Genier and also designers, Preson Glenn and Sean Slayback according to the article posted by the guys over at

Where will this end? nobody knows but at this rate, there will be nobody left at Infinity Ward if these departure’s keep coming. It could end up being ‘Last one out, Please turn the lights out and shut the door.’

We will keep an eye on this one but its not exactly looking like a rosey future for Infinity Ward at the moment, lets be honest.

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