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Free Ultimate Team Coins For All


In our interview with the guys behind FIFA 09’s Ultimate Team DLC, we mentioned that some form of compensation had been mentioned on the FIFA forums for the guys suffering from all of the launch issues. These ranged from server blackouts to disappearing players – in some cases, disappearing squads. The response we got was along the lines of “no comment” but over the last few days it has been announced that all Ultimate Team players are getting free coins to spend, with the guys who played it from the start (and suffered the most problems) getting more coins than everybody else.

If you purchased Ultimate Team before April 10th, you will find a cool 10,000 coins waiting for you in your club’s virtual bank account. Anyone who bought the mode after April 10th will be awarded 5,000, which is a pretty decent amount.

You can see full details of the giveaway on the Inside EA SPORTS blog, in the article here. Alternatively you can visit the Football Live Team’s Twitter page, EAFootballLiveTeam.

Now, what to do with this 10k…

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