From Dust Now Available Via Google Chrome


Ubisoft have announced that From Dust, which is a modern God game from visonary creator Eric Chahi, is now available for the Google Chrome Browser. It is available for £7.99 for the first week and then will be £11.59 after.

From Dust allows players to ability to control the destiny of a primitive tribe against the backdrop of a world that is in constant evolutions and is one of the most advanced real-time nature simulations. Everything that players see and interact with evolves dynamically.

Google Chrome will allow players to experience the full From Dust experience directly within the browser thanks to the Native Client technology. This is an open-source technology which allows web applications to seamlessly execute native compiled code inside the Google Chrome Browser.

Thomas Paincon, EMEA FTP Publishing Director stated:

“Adapting a game like From Dust for Chrome is part of Ubisoft’s strategy to attract new players, by offering creative and innovative gaming experiences across a multitude of platforms, Google’s Chrome Browser has a substantial segment of the worldwide internet browser market share, which is a large potential audience for us to engage”

Some screenshots and a trailer have also been released which can be seen below. Let us know if you will be getting From Dust via the comment setion below.


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