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FSB 2009 Podcast #06: FIFA 10 & Be A Pro Part II


With just two weeks until the official FIFA 10 site opens its doors – that’s two weeks until the NDAs expire, two weeks until we can spill the beans and two weeks until you get to know what we know – I couldn’t help but dedicate a few words of this fortnight’s podcast to the guys expecting last year’s game in a different looking box. From one old cynic to another, prepare to be excited.

However, the main focus of this fortnight’s podcast is Be A Pro. We’ve covered BAP before but this time, armed with tons of feedback and suggestions from those of you who hit the forums, Chris Wright (the artist formerly known as CW) joins me in crunching through a huge list of improvements we’d like to see, as well as the bugs we’d like to squash and the exploits we’d like to fix. Clocking in at just under an hour, this one is as thorough as it gets.

As always, hit the forums and let us know your thoughts on this podcast’s topic in the podcast thread – and remember you can download our podcasts via iTunes using the keyword FIFA SOCCER BLOG. Don’t forget; every second Sunday is FSB podcast day!

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