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FSB 2009 Podcast #13: Demo Countdown


It’s hard to believe that this will be the last edition of the FSB podcast before the FIFA 10 demo is released. It feels like it’s been forever, and what’s worse is that while there’s only 4 days to go until we can all play FIFA 10, there’s still 26 days until we can play the full game (44 days if you live in the US or Canada).

In this podcast episode I speak to dave797 of the EA forums about his experience of FIFA 10 down at the Emirates (including his thoughts on player individuality being better this year), as well as what he thinks of the latest Manager Mode screenshots and also the “ping-pong passing” that appears in the Gamescom videos.

As always, hit the forums and let us know your thoughts on this podcast’s topic in the podcast thread – and remember you can download our podcasts via iTunes using the keyword FIFA SOCCER BLOG!

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