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FSB 2009 Podcast #14: Home Improvement


First thing’s first – I love the FIFA 10 demo. In my opinion it’s the best football game I’ve ever played, and when playing with friends it’s the best multiplayer experience I’ve ever had.

Secondly, and most importantly – all of the opinions within this podcast are based on the demo, which is not representative of the retail version of the game. Remember that!

Now that that’s out of the way I can explain the idea behind this podcast; I think we can all agree that constructive criticism is a wonderful thing and that feedback is essential.

All throughout the period of our Emirates playtest we were waxing lyrical about how good FIFA 10 is, but with three hours of play under our belts there wasn’t much time to look out for the things that could use improvement. So in a change from our normal 60 minutes of glee and excitement, here is a 25 minute podcast dedicated to the things I want to see changed in the final version of the game, and/or via patches. EA, I hope you’re listening!

(Oh, and the PES 2010 demo gets a mention as well.)

As always, hit the forums and let us know your thoughts on this podcast’s topic in the podcast thread – and remember you can download our podcasts via iTunes using the keyword FIFA SOCCER BLOG!

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