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FSB Awards 2011: Best Article


Rutter, Rutter where for art thou Rutter?

It’s been a pretty big year for articles on FSB and some of our gameplay and Career Mode impressions pieces are among the most commented posts on FSB. But aside from the articles you guys expect to see from us every year these three stood out for us in terms of their content and prominence in a FIFA year which has seen people dived in many different areas.

1) The Great Control Debate

“Sadly it’s balance that’s missing, and that’s out of the players hands. EA need to take on board the arguements of both sides and make changes that keep everyone happy regardless of their control choice.”

Dave: “The assisted/semi/manual control debate has raged on the FIFA forums for years which is why tackling this subject for us was so important. This one will run and run and we’ll certainly revisit it in 2012”

Tom: “I doubt this will ever be resolved to a point where all parties are happy, but I enjoyed writing it, so… yeah.”

2) To Skill Move or Not to Skill Move

“At the moment EA are having their cake and eating it with FIFA’s gameplay, adding Pro Passing and Stamina Models for realism with one hand and then promoting fantasy with Skill Moves on the other.”

Dave: “The most elaborate skill moves in FIFA are a personal hatred of mine which is why I was so keen to explore this topic. Can FIFA really be everything, to every type of gamer?”

Tom: “Maybe with the arrival of a proper FIFA Street game we’ll see this get toned down? Here’s hoping.”

3) Why EA Should Remove The OVR?

“Perhaps in EA’s eyes the suggestion of removing the OVR completely in one hit is a little gung-ho but I certainly think that it’s prominence needs to be reduced in favour of a more rounded view of player abilities”

Dave: “Writing about new ideas is big passion of mine which is this is one of my favourites articles and personally I dont think there’s anything wrong with “gung-ho” if you’re doing the right thing.”

Tom: “The individual attributes are more important to me anyway so I probably wouldn’t miss it.”

As can tell from the post image Dave Rutter certainly enjoyed them but why don’t you hit the comments and let us know which article is your favourite from 2011?

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