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FSB Awards 2011: Best Podcast


The second category in the FSB Awards 2011 is best podcast. By far my favourite thing to do for the site, even if it is the most work. We’ve selected our three favourites and want you to choose the best of them in the comments below.

1) Nasris Pyjamas


Dave: “We’re well known for our off topic debate in our podcasts but Nasri’s Pyjamas is probably the best example from 2011”

Tom: “I had a hangover so I don’t remember much of this one, although having played it back it was full of tangents and messing about, which I like.”

2) Best FIFA 12 Podcast Ever


Dave: “The fantastic four thrust together in one of the best podcasts of the year, opinion, debate and banter”

Tom: “The longest we’ve ever recorded and probably gathered the most positive feedback we’ve ever recieved for a podcast.”

3) Who Doesn’t Love Trees?


Dave: “The title and image make you wonder whether we talked about FIFA or even football in this one. For that reason alone it deserves a nomination.

Tom: “If I’m honest, I just liked the image for this one.”

So, which was the best podcast of the year and why? Let us know in the comments.

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