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FSB Awards 2011: Best Post Image


Photo Finish?

It’s time for the Best Post Image category in the FSB Awards 2011 and we have three fantastic efforts which have all graced the front page of FIFA Soccer Blog and caused quite a stir in the comments at times. So FSB Community the choice is yours, let us know in the comments which post image from the three nominations is your favourite and crown it the best in class for 2011.

1) Goodbye FIFA 11

Dave: “This one has to be the most commented and favourite images of 2011 and there are two reasons why…”

Tom: “…I think it’s the boobs.”

2) FIFA Server Closures

Dave: “A football pitch in a server room? Enough said.”

Tom: “Still not 100% sure how I managed to find this, but it fits perfectly.”

3) EA to Ban FIFA 11 Cheats

Dave: “The perfect image to accompany the title for me, no words needed to describe it.”

Tom: “Slightly dramatic pose. I think the shot came from a grassy knoll”

So which is your favourite? Hit the comments and if there are any other images you’ve enjoyed in 2011, let us know.

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