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FSB Awards 2011: Best Xaor’s Corner


The Xtra Factor

Here we go, it’s the final category of the FSB Awards 2011 and we want you to pick your favourite Xaor’s Corner article from 2011. Toby aka Xaor has churned out some amazing pieces this year and whether you’ve agreed or disagreed no one can deny that the FIFA debate his articles have saparked has been nothing short of spectacular.

The nominations are:

1) Xaor’s Corner: Manual Just Isn’t Good Enough

“Since FIFA 07 we have been given a choice over our control scheme – and while the initial innovation was fantastic this area of the game is clearly one which demands change and could be improved massively without huge difficulty”

Dave: “FIFA’s manual community is so large and so committed that much more care attention needs to be shown to the control schemes as Toby rightly says. A genuine Semi middle ground must also be a top priority for FIFA 13.”

Tom: “As a manual player it’s a topic that’s close to me and I agree it needs a lot of work.”

2) Xaor’s Corner: The Unholy Gameplay Trinity

“If FIFA is to play a believable game of football the AI has to be both intelligent and deep: but currently it varies between boringly functional to disastrously broken”

Dave: “Loved this article and 84 comments speaks volumes of the debate it caused”

Tom: “Definately stirred up some debate, but an interesting post”

3) Xaor’s Corner: Saving Clubs From Itself

“As I said at the beginning, the potential of this mode is immense – it could quite easily morph into an almost MMO style game, a living online football universe – but before any of that the basics must be put right”

Dave: “Clubs is one of the best new additions to FIFA in recent times and I’m so glad Toby took the time to write about it, agree with every single word”

Tom: “Agree fully with every single word. I wish clubs was good enough for me to spend time with it”

Hit the comments and let us know which Xaor’s Corner article is your favourite and you can bet your bottom dollar that Toby will be back on FSB bigger and better next year.

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