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FSB EXCLUSIVE: 2010 FIFA World Cup News


So you want a 2010 FIFA World Cup exclusive do you? But not just any exclusive, not just “England have been programmed to lose on penalties every single time they occur” or “playing as Cristiano Ronaldo will unlock a hidden minigame called Handbags”.

Well in that case, we’ve got something to tell you. Just remember where you heard it first.

The online part of 2010 FIFA World Cup is a little bit different from what you’re used to.

So what is this world exclusive news? Online ranked matches will never be the same again. Fed up of constant random matches with no real meaning bar moving up and down a list of hundreds of thousands of people? Well, I was, and this new way of doing things sounds like a much more interesting system.

The new world league ladder will contain ten divisions. Every player begins in the bottom division, League 10. A “season” consists of ten league games, with the usual rules of a league season applying – 3pts for a win, 1pt for a draw, and nothing but the look of disgust on your virtual players’ faces for a loss.

If you can accumulate 16 points during a season then you’re promoted to the league above (unless you’re in the top division, in which case you win a Championship title to add to your trophy case). However, if you only manage to scrape together 8 points or less, then you’re relegated to the league below (unless you’re already in the bottom division, in which case you’re banned from playing the game online ever again*).

If you finish with between 9 and 15 points then you carry on in the same league for another league season – and at this point, you will head into a four round cup competition. You are awarded ranking points based on your league and cup success for the season.

So there you have it. The online ranking system has had a facelift that it truly needed. Hopefully there’ll be even more information released soon so keep an eye on FIFASoccerBlog.com for more when we have it!

Huge thanks go out to EA (particularly Simon Humber) for allowing us to tell you the news.

* – This bit may be a slight fib.

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