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FSB Fantasy Football: Week 4


Week Four is over and although we had an International lull, there was still enough action to see a shift at the top of the FSB Fantasy Football table. Congratulations to Stuart Brewster who now leads the pack, with nearly ten times as many points as last place, incredible start. John Kessler’s Beachcombers remain in the hunt though dropping just one place to 2nd.

I’m the only Kitanamedia representative putting up any kind of fight against the FSB community (8th) right now as Tom and Luc have fallen way off the radar, they’re on the last page if you’re interested. Suffwan is the next best FSB staff member scrubbing around in joint 39th.

Rooney and Aguero continued to rain points both scoring impressive hat tricks over the weekend but things could shift wildly with some huge games coming up in game week 5. Tom had better make some transfers soon, getting embarrassing…  

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