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FSB Gameplay Test


Ok guys I need your help. We all know that high pressure and aggression are killing FIFA 11 offline but with some custom tactics changes you can turn both these plagues of gameplay off and here’s how its done…

First go to My FIFA 11 from the main menu

Then hit Edit Teams

Next choose Team Management

Choose a team to edit

Select Custom Tactics from the menu

Then scroll down until you find the Pressure and Aggression values and set both of these to 1. (Do not edit any other Custom Tactics values)

Finally save the custom tactic by hitting Square (PS3) and then choosing a free save slot.

Rinse and repeat this on as many teams as you like, I’ve edited every team in the English Premier League for example, it doesn’t take too long. You have over 25 Custom Tactics save slots available so you can edit an entire league with room to spare if you wish.

Now all you have to do is play some exhibition matches between teams that Both have their pressure and aggression values set to 1 and let us know what you think. In my opinion FIFA 11 offline is a million times more playable when pressure and aggression are turned off  but we need a wealth of feedback on this before we push it back to EA.

So please give this a try and put all your thoughts and opinions in to the comments field. Does the gameplay feel more playable? Do you have more time on ball now? Has the level of auto tackling decreased? Are you noticing new things from the AI? etc, etc.

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