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FSB How To: Redeem Your Season Ticket


The FSB How To Series aims to cover the basics in console to web integration, as well as a few other bits and pieces along the way. It’s primarily intended to give newcomers to FIFA 12 a push in the right direction and providing an outlet for people to post issues and questions relating to the web based features of FIFA and get help from the community. You can find the rest using the How To tag.

The impatient amongst you may remember that we posted recently about EA Sports season ticket, which allows early access and extra content for Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA Soccer, NCAA Football and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Well here’s an idiot proof tutorial on how to use it to access FIFA 12 early.

Step 1: Download the EA Sports App. You can find it through the Xbox Dashboard or add it to your Queue here, Or search for EA Sports on the Playstation store.

Step 2: Check the Apps countdown timer which shows the time remaining time until early access is available.

Step 3: Hit “Download now” When the timer shows early access as being available.

Step 4: Purchase your Season Ticket for either 2000MSP or $24.99.

Step 5: Exit to the Dashboard.

Step 6: Launch the game from your game library.

Hey Presto! You’re now playing FIFA 12 a little earlier than you could be. Don’t forget that the digital copy times out upon release though…

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