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FSB Interview: All Mankind


Time for the second interview with bands appearing on the FIFA 12 Soundtrack. Last week we spoke to PSR, this time it’s soundtrack newcomers All Mankind.

[FSB] You guys are from Australia, do you still spend most of your time there

Yes and no. We often go overseas, we spent about 5 months of the year OS last year and we are heading over to the UK in September and will spend about 12 months based there. Any chance to come home though we will take it, it’s always nice to go home and spend time with our family and friends.

[FSB] What clubs do you support?

Well seeing as we are Sydney boys we have to go for our home team of Sydney F.C. in the Australian A-league which we like to get along to now and then. As far as international teams go we have a soft spot in our hearts for Manchester United, mostly because one of our great friends in England is a die hard fan and also because we know someone who works for them and got us in for a tour of Old Trafford on one of our trips. That was pretty amazing to see such a football Mecca with all it’s history.

[FSB]Which member of the band is the best FIFA player?

Oh that’s tough. First things first, we aren’t very good at the game even though we have played hours and hours of it. We are button mashers for sure! But i would have to say Dave is the best, he is the biggest gamer so he has the natural gaming skills.

[FSB] And who is the worst FIFA player?

Not as tough, that would be Gav. He isn’t as much of a football fan to begin with, where the rest of the boys grew up playing football on the weekends but he didn’t. So the rest of us have that advantage over him. He’s getting better though!

[FSB] Do you have any tried and trusted teams or formations that you stick with in FIFA 11?

Honestly we don’t have heaps of time to devote to the Career mode on FIFA 11, we mostly just setup a quick game, 2 on 2, something like that. So we just pick a good team, one of our fav teams normally, and get stuck in. We still get hooked and feel the adrenaline when you put away that last minute goal. Honestly, a lot of the time it’s more satisfying to win a game of FIFA than it is winning a game for your local club on the weekend.

[FSB] Do you get much time to play FIFA when recording or on the road?

When you travel you don’t often get the chance to stay somewhere that has a playstation or xbox. Luckily we have certain friends we sometimes stay with, they have FIFA, we always sneak in a few games with them when we can.

[FSB] “Break The Spell” is set to feature on the FIFA 12 soundtrack, what did that mean for you guys in terms of broadening your audience?

It’s only early days on our FIFA journey and already we are seeing the effects of being on one of the most loved games in the world. The hardcore fans that read this blog, listen to the FIFA podcast and hang out for any information about the new game have flocked to our video, facebook page, webpage in numbers we don’t often see. The reaction in the last few days has been amazing!! Everyone has reacted really positively as well which is great because we know the FIFA fans are very particular and protective of their game, they want to know that it’s living up to the amazing standard that EA has kept it at for years. It’s humbling to know so many of them approve of us being on the soundtrack. But to have millions of people listening to your music, it’s priceless and honestly is humbling because not many people ever get to be on it. We are one of the chosen few, it’s pretty special.

[FSB] Did you have any input on the track being used in FIFA 12, or was it chosen for you?

The guys at EA felt that Break The Spell was the right song for the soundtrack. When they ask you if you want to put your song on the FIFA 12 soundtrack you catch your breath and just say yes!

[FSB] FIFA soundtracks are known for being extremely eclectic, what do you think makes “Break The Spell” a good fit?

Break The Spell is one of those tracks that is energetic, the whole song just keeps building, it’s exciting. I think that type of song can really enhance a sports game. Especially if you are on a roll and your heart is pumping a bit and a rocking song comes on, it just gets  you worked up all that more.  We are pleased to be one of the bands that brings that dynamic to the soundtrack.

[FSB] If you could pick any All Mankind track to feature on the FIFA 13 soundtrack, what would it be?

Hmmm thats tricky. Actually we have a single coming out shortly called Can You Hear Me? In the song there is a bit of a chant section where lots of people sing along just like at a football game where everyone gets involved in the chants. It would be cool to bring the chanting into your game room as well with that song! That would really complete the experience.

[FSB] And finally, what can we expect from All Mankind over the next 12 months?

In August we have our previously mentioned single Can You Hear Me? coming out on August 29th and after that we are releasing our album Simple Desire on September 26th. We can’t wait for people to hear it, we think it is pretty special and think that a lot of other people will too. Along with that we will be touring around the UK and Europe for a while. If you want to keep track of dates, or get a special invite-only listen to the album, you can head to our Website

FSB would like to say a huge thanks to Rich and Dave for the help setting this one up. You can see more of the guys on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and iTunes.

Without further ado, here’s “Break The Spell”, Enjoy.


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