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FSB Interview Hadouken!



They love their gaming and they love their FIFA so when FIFASoccerBlog got the opportunity to speak exclusively to top UK band Hadouken, we jumped at the chance. They’ve appeared on numerous EA soundtracks in the past but will we be hearing the pulsating sounds of Hadouken on a FIFA soundtrack near us any time soon?  Read on to find out…

FSB: The FIFA series has been around some 18 years now but what’s your earliest FIFA memory?

To be honest we’ve not been playing for that long. FIFA 10 was the first one we got into really so we’re fairly new converts!

FSB: How much time do you get to play FIFA11? Is it something you take on tour with you?

We have a PS3 on the bus which gets used pretty much exclusively for FIFA. Usually we arrive in a city at about 11am but we can’t load our gear into the venue till 2pm so there are a few hours hanging around on the bus with nothing else to do but clash on FIFA.

FSB: Which band member is the best at FIFA11?

James and Nick are both pretty handy and closely tied in the lead, Dan and Chris are a bit crap and Alice, surprisingly, doesn’t play at all!

FSB: Which band member is worst loser at FIFA11?

Our bus driver Chris, he’s rubbish and we take great joy in watching him rage after we thrash him.

FSB: Your track “Bombshock” recently appeared on EA’s Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit which was arguably the best racing game of 2010. What’s it like to have your music aired on such a prominent gaming series?

It’s awesome, we love the game and it’s a great opportunity for us to reach out to new people who have never heard us before and hopefully win over a few fans.

FSB: What do you think a song needs to make it great as a gaming soundtrack?

I think it depends massively on the style of game, our music is pretty loud and energetic so it works well on racing games and first person shooters but we would probably be a bit out of place on more light hearted family games!

FSB: Do you have any plans for Hadouken to appear on a FIFA soundtrack in the near future? Is that something you’d like to do if you had the opportunity?

We would love to be on the next FIFA soundtrack so we’re just hoping to get asked.

FSB: If you could pick any Hadouken track to appear on FIFA11 which one would it be?

I think it would have to be Mic Check from our second album For The Masses, I think it would go down the best with the FIFA fans.

FSB: And finally, what can we expect from Hadouken in 2011?

We’re just finishing recording out third album at the moment which we’re massively excited about. Hopefully that will be out before the summer then we’ll be hitting the festivals over the summer and touring our own headline shows later in the year.


Many thanks to Hadouken for taking the time out to speak to FSB it was a great interview with some very interesting answers, I’m sure you’ll all agree. Hadouken’s Oxygen EP, featuring their latest track “Oxygen” can be snapped up on iTunes now. Alternatively you can visit them at on their official website http://www.hadouken.co.uk/ or follow the band on Twitter.

Team FSB would also like to give a big shout out to Jenny who has helped us out hugely over the last few weeks, she knows who she is. So to tie this exclusive Hadouken interview up I feel it’s very appropriate to end with this…


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