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FSB Interview: KSIOlajidebt


He’s not joking…

He has 182,000 subscribers on YouTube, a quite incredible 53,000 followers on Twitter and most importantly he got hands on time with FIFA Street just last week. How did FIFA Street play? How were the Skill Moves? And will the YouTube community take to FIFA Street? The FIFA phenomenon KSIOlajidebt answers those questions and more in our exclusive FSB Interview. Enjoy.

[FSB] Which part of the new FIFA Street gameplay impressed you the most?

“It has got to be the skill moves. I’m a big fan of skill moves, so being able to see the different variations on skills and especially the air skill moves, is just wonderful. It was so cool to see every skill move and nothing felt more amazing then getting past a player at the right time with a beautiful skill move. The funny thing is, I haven’t even played the final version yet, just an Alpha…AN ALPHA! And I’m already drooling… Incredible.”

[FSB] How did you find the new trick system, did you find it easy to pick up?

“At first it was weird, because I have learnt off by heart nearly (if not every single one) most skill moves in the game, and since I know that when you face different directions in FIFA 12, you have to make sure you do the right skill move accordingly to where you are facing. However with FIFA Street, all the skill moves are all in 1 direction, independent of where you’re facing, and this is probably going to be the hardest thing for me (and most skillers) to adjust to in FIFA Street. Practice makes perfect I guess.”

[FSB] How differently does FIFA Street play compared to FIFA 12?

“Like I said in the previous question, it’s just the skills that will take getting used to, everything else is the same. You can shoot, you can head the ball, you can pass etc. Simple. If you played FIFA 12, you will feel quite comfortable with FIFA Street with just a few hours of playing it. It’s easy to pick up, but it’s hard to master. However, if you can become really good at the game, oh, good, lord the damage that could be done, especially to a noob… yikes!  Almost forgot about the tackling. It’s slightly different to FIFA 12 in a sense that when you “Contain” you get a lot closer to the player in FIFA Street ( I think this it’s sort of what FIFA 13 needs to be like) and it is all about tackling the ball at the right time. Since I was playing right next to Hjerpseth and the lads, I knew when they were about to tackle or “try” to get past me, so in a sense; it was much easier to defend. However, when it comes to playing someone online, I’m sure that will be the real challenge.”

[FSB] Which FIFA Street Match Type did you like the most?

“1v1 Panna does it for me. It’s definitely the best modes up there. It’s basically a mode where you have to embarrass your opponent as much as possible. Absolutely Amazing!”

[FSB] Was there a particular player that stood out for you whilst you were playing?

“To be honest, everyone is just as good, maybe Ronaldo is just that bit quicker than other players at doing skill moves, but other than that, everyone can do every skill move, even the freaking Goalkeeper!”

[FSB] What were your thought’s on the different arenas and locations in FIFA Street?

“Brilliant…Just brilliant! I don’t really need to say more to be honest.”

[FSB] Do you think the FIFA YouTube community will take to FIFA Street once it’s released?

“I’m sure the community will take this game with open arms, it will truly revolutionize FIFA on Youtube. FIFA skillers will finally be able to really put themselves out there, especially since this will be their kind of game. Compilations won’t be be repetitive, but will be full of creativity and I’m sure there will be numerous jaw dropping moments, videos will become even more entertaining. FIFA Street will increase the FIFA Community even more and forget COD, FIFA is the right, and best community to be in at the moment.”

[FSB] Did you find yourself getting ideas for new videos as you were playing?

“My mind was exploding with ideas. I won’t mention any here, but there is definitely a bright future between me and FIFA Street.”

[FSB] And finally, why do people think you’re funny?

“I think it’s because I’m different to other commentators…Really…Really…Really…Different…Haha!”

You can subscribe to KSIOlajidebt on YouTube HERE and if you haven’t seen any of his FIFA video’s before check his most recent and hilarious Ultimate Team video.


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