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FSB Interview: Pint Shot Riot


They were on the FIFA 10 soundtrack and now Pint Shot Riot are back for FIFA 12. FIFA Soccer Blog talk exclusively to bassist “Baby Dave” who just happens to be a massive FIFA fan. We talk FIFA 11, FIFA 12, game modes, music, Pint Shot Riot and um Marlon King…

[FSB] You guys are from Coventry but are you all Coventry City fans?

Well, Me, Rocket and Mini are all lucky enough to be Coventry fans but Rob is a Bluenose. He was born in Redditch which is closer to Birmingham so we’ll let him off but we weren’t happy when Marlon King switched to the dark side this summer. Particularly from a FIFA point of view, he was the best player in the team by miles with a stat of 72. Without him, we’re looking at straight 60-65 players for CCFC in FIFA 12 I reckon, cheers Marlon.

[FSB] Which member of Pint Shot Riot is the best FIFA player?

No question, yours truly. Saying that Mini isn’t too bad but the other two are hopeless. That’s how come you’ve got the bass player doing this interview.

[FSB] Which member of Pint Shot Riot is the worst FIFA player?

Draw between Rob and Rocket, I played the two of them together last time we played and they turned it off at half-time because it was 6 nil!

[FSB] Do you have any favourite teams which you use in FIFA 11?

Real Madrid, 4-1-2-1-2, Kaka as attacking midfielder, Ronaldo up front with Higuain, at 60mins switch in Benzema and Adebyeor up front, stick Ronaldo on the right wing, can’t go wrong. I just like a 4-4-2 kinda set-up and Real have the best players for that formation I reckon.

[FSB] Which FIFA game modes do you play the most, Career Mode, Online, Pro Clubs?

When a new FIFA comes out, it’s a quick season or two in Career Mode, then strictly online for me.

[FSB] How much time do you get to spend playing FIFA when touring and recording are on the agenda?

When touring and recording, not so much but when we have downtime I’m bang at it every chance.

[FSB] “Not thinking straight” featured on the FIFA 10 soundtrack, how did you feel the first time you heard it in-game?

Light-headed with excitement and really proud. To be a part of my favourite game was something very special, and I can’t believe it’s happening again!

Pint Shot Riot also enjoy relaxing on rooftops.

[FSB] You’ve been invited to feature on the FIFA 12 soundtrack with “Twisted Soul”, what do you think makes your music so well suited to FIFA?

It’s hard to say because we wrote it for our own reasons. I think it has to be the kind of song you can hear again and again without getting annoyed and also it has to have the right energy, in that it can’t be too heavy or too soft. We have always tried hard to write songs that ourselves and the people we see around us can believe in, so we just come from the heart and try to avoid any unneeded bullshit.

[FSB] Did you have any input on “Twisted Soul” being used in FIFA 12, or was the track selected?

We have been working with EA for some time now and I guess our track was just in the right place at the right time. Obviously, it’s not our decision to make or I would stick the whole album on it, including B-sides!

[FSB] What does it mean to the band to be featured on the FIFA 12 soundtrack?

Of course it feels so amazing for me personally to hear my own music in my favourite game. But also, to be selected for such a huge worldwide event like a new FIFA means the world to us as musicians. It is huge validation for our music that EA considers it worth putting in to a game which will sell millions of copies all over the world. And also it generates a huge amount of online interest in us from places all over the world. Last time we received  so many beautiful messages from people we could never have hoped to reach in another way, and this is all so positive for the band moving forward.

[FSB] What do you think about FIFA soundtracks in general, do you have any stand-out tracks from previous games?

The thing I like is that they always seem to include so many different styles of music from so many different countries. There is always a tune or several which can surprise, and there is probably no other way you would have heard it.

[FSB] If you could pick any Pint Shot Riot track to be on the FIFA 13 soundtrack, what would it be?

Probably the last song we wrote, we haven’t named it yet but we usually find that our favourite song is the one we are working on at that moment. That works as a good test for new songs too, because if it isn’t making us feel that way, it won’t end up being completed, and we will move on.

[FSB] And finally, what can we expect from Pint Shot Riot over the next 12 months?

Lots of hardcore, way-too-late, go-to-sleep-after-this-game sessions on FIFA, and in between more song writing and recording. Also we will be busy touring in support of our album, which is available now on itunes. Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for details of  live shows and other info.

Huge thanks to Baby Dave, Pint Shot Riot and Dylan for helping to set this one up. We highly recommend that you  follow the guys on Twitter, Facebook YouTube and visit the Official Pint Shot Riot website for details on touring and to see Baby Dave’s famous blogs.

If you want to hear and download more then make sure you visit Pint Shot Riot on iTunes too, the Paul Morrell & MNVI remix of Twisted Soul gets the FIFA Soccer Blog seal of approval, top track.

To play you out, here’s the official video of Pint Shot Riot’s FIFA 12 track, Twisted Soul:


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