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FUT: Don't Get Scammed


In todays world, everyone wants something for nothing. Sadly, that extends as far as people trying to con you out of your UT players. Hard to believe, but a quick scan of the EA forums will show you it’s true.

In response, EA have written a guide to staying safe when using UT.There are currently two Ultimate Team scams that EA want you to be aware of.

Firstly there’s is the ‘classic’ Phishing scam. I’m sure we have all had an email from a Prince with cash flow issues, who just needs a few quid to unlock his funds and is prepared to send you a handsome chunk of change if you help him out, or an email from your bank who need you to urgently log in and confirm some details. For those that haven’t, Phishing is basically a way of obtaining your login credentials by spoofing a website. A (usually) very legitimate copy of a website is made, then users are lured to it and enter their login details, thinking that they are logging in to their account. Once the account details are captured, the scammer can log in to your account, change your password, and lock you out. Then they have all the time in the world to raid your cards and/or wallet.

To stay safe, make sure after the page has fully loaded, but BEFORE you log in, that the address shows as an ea.com address. If it is, you’re safe to log in. If it’s not, gather as much evidence as you can, including a screen grab of the offending URL and details of how you got there, and send it to the email below.

The second scam is called the ‘Duplicate player glitch’. It’s pretty simple, someone approaches you claiming to be able to duplicate players. If you give them your best cards by trading them for bronze players, they will duplicate them for you, give you a bunch of copies back and keep a copy for their troubles. Awfully noble of them. Problem is, after you have handed your players over, you won’t hear from them again. According to EAs post they will often show you their squad with multiple copies of the same player to prove that they can do it.

Not much that be done to combat this other than to think before you act. Be aware that there is no limit on the number of copies of a player you can have in your squad, so someone having 5 Ronaldos is nothing special. EA assure us that there is no way to duplicate cards, so don’t believe the hype.

If you see a suspicious link, someone promoting a Phishing site or recieve a message from someone offering to duplicate players, hit print screen and send the evidence to backofthenet@ea.com along with as much detail as you can provide. If you are approached via a message on your console, i would reccomend using the report tools available to file a complaint too.

So far, over 100 players have had their EA accounts banned, which denies them online play on any EA title. So if you’re one of the *expletive deleted* that does these things, you might want to think about that.

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