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FUT Update Out Now


It looks like the FIFA Ultimate Team Update has popped a little earlier than expected. It was due on the 17th of February but according to Twitter, it’s ready and will be pushed down to your console next time you sign in.

The update brings in two new features, Play-A-Friend Challenge and Friends Leaderboards.

Play-A-Friend Challenge allows you to play against your friends Ultimate Team, even if they’re offline. Their team will be controlled by the CPU and the results will be presented to them the next time they log on. Should be useful for a few wind ups.

Friends Leaderboards brings in customisable leaderboards to check your UT progress against your friends. You can compare stats like who has earned the most coins, who has the most trades, who has the best squad and the overall value of yours clubs.

You can read more about the update including the FAQ, here.

Once you’ve got the update applied, you’ll no doubt be as happy as this guy:

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