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FVPA FSB Championship


We mentioned recently that we’d got together with the FVPA to Sponsor one of their leagues. Well everything is now in place and it’s kicking off today.

Battling it out for the top spot in the FSB 360 Championship are:

1.Northern AFC
3.FC Crazy Gang
5.Sweet FC
6.Essence FC
7.GD United
8.In Bruges FC

FVPA Leagues Format:

* [Xbox] 360 Sweetpatch Premiership & [Xbox] 360 FSB Championship consisting of 8 Clubs

* One Fixture per week (Home & Away) Total of 2 games a week

* League Rules have been updated, please take the time to read them fully.

* We have created a Manager Lounge, only viewable for League Managers where
Fixture arrangements can be posted.

Complaints & Issues

All complaints & issues will be dealt with by FVPA Mark & BlueNilSatis

FVPA League Co – ordinators

Yapamilias, SWEAT DOGG, Hessem
These guys will be your first point of contact regarding your concerns, they will
also be involved with Transfers, Free agents.

*In order to be eligible to play in the FVPA league you must be registered on the FVPA.
You must be registered on the FVPA before the season kicks off.
Players must sign themselves up to the My FVPA before the season kicks off.
Any player banned from FVPA Forums, will not be eligible to win prizes.

*Note: Dates and kick off times are for guidance only and as stated in the rules can be arranged for a different date and time.

*League tab has now been added (Top left underneath Banner) you’ll find all your League information in there, can all Players create their pro in My FVPA so your Manager can then add you to his squad.

*Squad list will be locked down on the 13th November 9.00pm, remember Free agents can be signed at any time during the season, Transfer window for players wishing to leave their club for another league club will have to wait till transfer window opens (5th December) transfer window is open for 7 days.

*Prizes: We are pleased to announce FVPA will be giving away 11 EA Sports Football (Love Football – Play Football) Tee – shirts to the League Champions, [Xbox] & [PS3] that’s a whopping 33 Tee – Shirts we are giving away, kindly donated by EA Sports.

We’ll post league updates throughout the duration. If you’re getting involved, let us know in the comments.

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