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FVPA Rivals


Attention Clubs Fans! The FVPA are launching a new service geared at tightening up the FVPA/Clubs community and increasing the Rivalry (see what they did there?) between FVPA members by providing more tools to players and clubs.

The idea of Rivals is to steer teams away from just wanting to be the highest ranked in the game. In Rivals, you will be able to see your head to head records against other teams. You will be able too see if you are in the FVPA’s top 10 based on EA POINTS. This will show where your club stands within the community, not just the whole of FIFA pro clubs against teams you don’t know. You will be able to increase your player value within Rivals. You will earn virtual wages and wage demands will increase based on your status. Your club will have a budget and will have to try and stay in the black.

International players will be able to be selected by your national manager in rivals and you’ll be able to keep track of your international record! Clubs are not just battling it out to have the highest points, there will also be various tournaments throughout the year. Tournament successes go into one big table, showing where teams rank based on their success during tournaments. Each tournament you feature in will give you the opportunity to earn tournament points. The FIFA year will be split into seasons and all tournaments within a season will count towards the table. This is effectively a league season.

There will be various ranking tables available to see where you and/or your club rank amongst others. We also have the EA rankings table so you can see how your team stands based on EA data within our forum.You’ll be kept up to date of latest player signings, international call ups, results and much much more.

Rivals collects your results automatically. Your EA data, which includes your points total, is downloaded on a daily basis. You can earn wages and your transfer value will increase the more you play. Your club has a fan base and generates virtual cash based on match results. You can keep track of how well your team compares to the rest of the community. Rivals is adaptable. We’ve built it from scratch, custom made to only work with our site setup so that if we want to add a new feature to it (which we will) then we can do. Hopefully the rivalry between teams grows and grows in a fun and respectful way.

If you’re interested, start following @FVPA_Rivals on Twitter, and head over to the FVPA site to check it out. Are you planning on getting involved?

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