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FWC Producer Simon Humber Speaks


2010 FWC producer Simon Humber has made a few comments about various areas of the game over on the EA forums. For those of you who don’t head over there very often – or for those of you who want to read everything in one fell swoop – here’s the news.

I especially like the swearing and the reference to this very site at the end. This man is a proper producer!

About the game going gold: It went gold about three weeks ago.

Regarding any differences between the demo and the final game: You’re playing the final gameplay, although that won’t stop a bunch of people claiming the full game and the demo are different. That happened on EURO too.

Regarding the promised squad updates: We plan to do two updates; one when the final 23 players are known [to be released after the round of 16], [another] during the tournament to update according to form.

Responding to those asking to make the game slower: Slowing or speeding up the game has many game breaking problems. If you slow the players and not the ball they don’t intercept passes, and if you slow both then you get floaty ball physics.

Responding to those saying that the game is too fast: Take a second to think about it. Think of two screens, one is 20 inches wide, the other 40 inches. If the camera didn’t follow the ball, then if you ran the player from the left side of the screen to the right side then it would take the same time on both TVs but on the big TV the player has twice as much screen width to cover. So to your eyes it appears faster, it’s an optical illusion of sorts. This assumes you are sitting the same distance away from both screens. I prefer to sit close to a smaller screen, than on my sofa with my big screen. I remember when we launched the FIFA 07 demo, I told everyone something had gone wrong and the speed was mental!

About the star ratings: The star ratings are a load of **** in any case. You guys get so wound up about them, but they don’t do anything. They are based on the overall ratings of a certain number of players, and the overall ratings are numbers that just represent some measure of quality, they don’t do anything by themselves. You’re way better off looking at player stats as they are what are used in gameplay to determine the quality of actions.

About correcting Spain’s away kit: We don’t have to contact them to change it, the problem now is time has run out ages ago. So to correct it means doing something post ship, and that gets muy complicato mi amigo. – Adidas send us the design for the kit. We make the kit. We send it back to Adidas. Adidas say ‘oh yes, well done EA, that’s right, you can now put it in the game.’ We put it in the game. We finish the game. Adidas launch the new kit and it’s different to what they gave us and approved from us. You moan.

An interesting fact for Ireland fans: Ireland have two home kits and one away kit.

Regarding Be A Pro mode and Online Team Play mode: World Cup has BAP, [no] OTP.

More on the absence of Online Team Play: There’s no 10 v 10 in World Cup. 10 v 10 is a massive amount of work. Even just to do what was in FIFA 10 and make no improvements is a lot of days work. Looking at our usage figures we deduced that there would be too little variety in matches in World Cup. They’d be way too many England v England v England v USA v France v Germany games. You’d get fed up of that. With the time we then had we could innovate with new online modes, namely Online World Cup & World League Ladder. So you can still get your 10 v 10 fix in FIFA 10, and experience brand new online modes in World Cup.

Regarding World Cup tournament customisation: You can customise the teams in the 32 team finals but you can’t create a tournament with the number of rounds, groups etc.

About the special XI teams: Classic XI has some new players. adidas XI is naturally their players. Not sure if they can be selected for unranked matches.

Regarding the new heading tweaks: Attacking headers are improved. Players seek space in the area and make more effort to get on the end of crosses.

About the midfield gameplay of future titles: The whole midfield, put your foot on the ball and survey your options is something we’ve talked about, especially in 10 v 10. I’d personally like it to be fully manual and people be skilled enough to be a playmaker. But to do that you have to negate pressing and that of course causes all manner of problems with getting into position to block or make tackles. Football games are ****ing complicated, otherwise there would be more than us and Konami still making them. Unlike first person shooters where there are ****loads of them.

An interesting fact about international retirements: There are players who retired during qualifying who retire in the game at the same point.

Regarding the new noise of the ball hitting the net: Yep the noise for the ball hitting the net, where it lifts up the metal frame on the ground, was something I kept hearing on Match of the Day, so we added it.

Regarding stadium altitude levels: Bolivia play in a generic stadium, some other teams use the same stadium. But when Bolivia play in it the altitude value is changed to La Paz, so only then is it a high altitude stadium. But in South Africa a team is not tied to a stadium, so we use the altitude value of each real stadium.

Regarding a missing stadium or two: We wanted to include St Jakob Park, but our Swiss office wanted Berne.

Regarding the odd set of incorrect adverts at a stadium: Qualifying is a licensing minefield, we tried to get other adverts in, but it wasn’t possible. Generally if you see something dumb in our games, in terms of authentic sponsorship, then this is why. We are not blind to reality, just handicapped in what we can do.

Responding to a question from a Spurs fan: Sorry, can’t talk to Spurs fans ahead of our semi-final on Sunday. COME ON POMPEY!

A response to those claiming that the game is a rip-off: Rip off is a personal viewpoint. If I leave my house to buy a bottle of water and it’s $10 then it’s a rip off. But if I am lost in the desert and someone offers me that bottle of water for $10 then it’s a bargain. Each individual has the right to decide how much the World Cup means to them and choose to buy the game or not. All we’ve done is make a game we’re pretty proud of, the rest is up to you lot.

A response to FIFASoccerBlog.com publishing the rumoured (and later revealed to be accurate) demo details: I must find their source and shoot that person.

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