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G4TV Preview FIFA Street


G4TV have got their hands on EA SPORTS brand new FIFA Street reboot and have released an excellent preview of how the game is shaping up, whilst also revealing a few of the smaller details we’ve yet to hear much about.

“The ability to take a ball between an opponent’s legs–known as panna or nutmeg–is actually the basis of one of the modes. The idea is to pull off this maneuver of humiliation while scoring a goal during the same play”

“Equally intriguing is the feature-filled multiplayer component of FIFA Street, which offers not only the traditional versus and co-op online play, but also the asymmetrical multiplayer inspired by Need For Speed’s Autolog”

If you played Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit then that last line about a variation of Autolog being in FIFA Street should definitely get your pulse racing and personally Autolog was one of my favourite additions to one of the best Need For Speed titles I’ve ever played.

Make sure you check out the G4TV FIFA Street Preview in full for even more juicy information.

Yeah…. we’re excited too.

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