Galaga World Championship takes place next year



SCORE WARS is the new brain-child of creative visionaries – Meow Wolf – and the first scheduled event is the Galaga World Championship.

Meow Wolf are self-proclaimed millennials fueled by the 80s and 90s video game era so it seems fitting that their latest event is video game based, no less a BANDAI NAMCO classic.

“Video games have been such a huge influence for Meow Wolf over the years. We are millennials who grew up with gaming as integral components of our lives.”

SCORE WARS is a new, annually streamed, event with this year’s taking place between March 29 and April 1, 2018. The Galaga World Championship pits pro gamers against seasoned-veteran Galaga players; Philip Day, Andrew Barrow & Andrew Laidlaw in marathon-mode runs in an attempt to win $10k! It’s only for the Galaga elite, though, as amateurs can compete head-to-head for a tasty $1.5k prize.

The Galaga World Championship will be streamed via Twitch with the help of XSplit, who are renowned for their streaming expertise and have had a hand in some other big events over the years including Nintendo World Championship and Capcom Pro Tour.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to be able to partner with Meow Wolf. XSplit has powered live streams and events but nothing quite like this. The team has a unique vision: taking a world-renowned classic game such as Galaga and reinvigorating it with the magic and wonder Meow Wolf has become known for.”

said John Howe-Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer of SplitmediaLabs, developers of XSplit,, and Challonge.

The announcement of this event also paves the way for a new major partnership between Meow Wolf and The Nuttery Entertainment to develop an animated series, Galaga Chronicles. The partnership will reimagine and extend the legacy of Galaga through animated content, physical exhibitions and merchandise.

For more info about visit: and check out the trailer below


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