GAME Confirm They Won't Be Selling The Last Story


UK retailer GAME will not be selling the Nintendo Wii exclusive The Last Story in any form once it is released tomorrow.

The company earlier this week stated that it wouldn’t be selling the Special Edition of the RPG, but now seems to have dropped the title all together.

In an e-mail received by Nintendo Life, GAME said the following:

“Unfortunately we are no longer stocking The Last Story on the Wii. If you return to the store they will be happy to refund your £5.00 deposit.”

Following on from that, GAME gave CVG the following statement:

 “There is a lot activity going on in our stores and online this weekend including the releases of Syndicate: Executive Edition, Jak & Daxter Collection, Zumba Fitness Rush, Binary Domain, and Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition. The Last Story, for the Wii, is not in stock and we have apologised to any customers this has affected.”

Another title that GAME won’t be selling then? What do you think this means for the company? Let us know via the comments section below.

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