GAME Continue Lock-ins With Tomb Raider


GAME are continuing their lock-in events, this time giving players a preview of Crystal Dynamics upcoming title, Tomb Raider.

The Lock-ins (over 18’s only) take place at 10 different GAME stores after hours and offers players time with the game plus free food and refreshments. Players can register by visiting their nearest GAME store or send them a tweet with the chance of being selected.

The stores participating include:

  • February 25, 18.30, Croydon,
  • February 25, 18.00, Hull Prospect,
  • February 26, 18.00, Leeds Headrow Centre,
  • February 26, 20.00, Milton Keynes,
  • February 27, 18.00, Norwich,
  • February 27, 18.00, Poole,
  • February 28, 18.00, Coventry,
  • February 28, 21.00, Bristol Cribbs,
  • March 1, 18.00, Pontypridd,
  • March 1, 18.00, Portsmouth,

Let us know if you plan on attending via the comment section below.

Tomb Raider will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 5th.

Source: CVG

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