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We just keep coming back for more…

Before we go through the proper Game of the Year 2015 list, it’s time to go through the “best old game” of the year… Basically, which games from previous years ended up digging their claws into us this year and kept us coming back for more, either through DLC, missed opportunities, or simply force of habit?



Ben: I’d gotten through as much of Destiny’s content as I felt like I would enjoy. I really wanted to get stuck into the Vault of Glass Raid, but the sheer amount of grinding and luck required to get to a point where I could even start it, let alone get through it. However, the Taken King content changed huge swathes of the core of the game, which opened up a number of avenues to explore not only the new content, but old stuff that I’d missed too. And sure enough, I felt those claws digging into me all over again. I only stopped playing because it got close to silly season with the reviews, and I fully intend to get my guardian ready to take on the King’s Fall raid at some point soon.

Nick: Destiny has a troubled relationship with even its most loyal players, but every step that Bungie takes with Destiny is one that pushes it in the right direction, and none more so than the DLC and consequent update that came with The Taken King. The world is finally starting to be fleshed out, gun balancing refined and the understanding of what players want.

Nico: I played Destiny at the end of last year and was relatively disappointed. I traded it in and didn’t look back. However, The Taken King has been released and galvanised everything. This is practically a new game. A brilliant leveling system with a standard numbered level is partnered by the Light level based on your equipment and weapons. Whilst the story is still a bit thin, it’s much better than before, and actually tries to make you understand what’s happening around you! But it’s that core combat that keeps dragging me back in. Guns occupy the majority, but after a hell of a grind, I finally got myself a sword, and it is magical! This is a game to get into now, there has never been a better time to be a Destiny player.


Asim: During the early part of the year, I played a lot of Driveclub. After being disappointed at the state of it when it launched, the positivity following the many updates convinced me to give it another go. I’m glad I did, because it’s a completely different game now. By that I mean it’s a very good racer. One that looks absolutely amazing. Just play a race in the wet and you’ll see what I mean. Outside that, the cars handle well now too. Seriously, it’s a genuinely fun racing game, straddling the line between simulation and an arcade style. There’s even a bike add-on available now too. If you’re into the genre, now’s the time to pick it up.


Robin: Finally finished the game, as wanted to play through all of the Batman titles before trying Arkham Knight. Still not a patch on Arkham Asylum however, as the city is too sprawling and the pacing not as tight as the classic, claustrophobic original.


Deb: At least once a year, if not more there are two games that I can never get enough of. Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Simply put I love these games to DEATH! It is not just one part, but all three installments of both series that I can just play again and again and again. You may ask, how can you keep replaying something that never changes? Well it may be true that there is no new DLC to come back for but the diversity of choices on offer means that there are still some paths I have yet to walk down. However, even if I had walked every path they are just like an old book you can’t stop reading; can’t put down! I love the characters and the stories; so much that I just have this huge personal connection to them, a bond that cannot be broken, ties that can’t be severed. If I ever have to explain what sorts of things I play you can bet these two are the first ones to pass my lips!

I just simply can’t get enough, it is hard to explain why I keep going back and to be honest I don’t really know why myself! There is just this invisible rope around my waist; it lets me get get so far remaining unnoticed then suddenly there is just this tug that pulls me back. Another excuse I now have is the Xbox One backwards compatibility; I just had to try out Mass Effect which I can now access easier instead of fiddling with my Xbox 360. (Not that I needed an excuse :P) You can be sure that I will be replaying these series for the rest of my life!


And there you have it folks, stay tuned tomorrow when we recap our “Best of the Rest”, and throw up some of the thoughts of the folks from the industry who help us to bring you the coverage we do!

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